County Council decides to 'undermine communities'

Cymdeithas yr Iaith has said that Carmarthenshire County Council has undermined the county and destined it to a massive growth in its population as it accepted the Local Development Plan today. Sioned Elin, Chair of Cymdeithas yr Iaith in Carmarthenshire said: read more

Welsh-medium Swimming Lessons promise 'worthless'?

Campaigners fear a government promise to provide Welsh language swimming lessons to every child in the new language duties could be worthless in over half of council areas because of privatisation, following the publication of Assembly research.   The language standards, published in November, are supposed to ensure Welsh language swimming lessons, but the standards don't include a duty to include language conditions when putting out services to tender or handing out grants.   read more

Morrisons Boycott to begin - No Wales-wide language policy

On Monday (December 1st), language campaigners will begin a national boycott of Morrisons stores. The news comes after discussions between the supermarket and Cymdeithas yr Iaith revealed that Morrisons managers do not offer guidance when it comes to the Welsh language, or have a policy in place that reflects the official status of the language. read more

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